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Nigeria Boom: About Us
Nigeria Boom: About Us

Initiated in 2020, Nigeria Boom is on the mission of orchestrating a positive and powerful change in Nigeria and if possible, the rest of the world. We are heartily yearning for a better Nigeria and a better world and that’s the goal.
We are therefore tenacious about achieving the following objectives;
·        Bringing a positive change to Nigeria and if possible the rest of the world.
·        Helping Nigerian achieve their dreams
·        Helping Nigerians discover and pursue their career dreams
·        Helping Nigeria and the rest of the world unravel the innumerable investment opportunities hidden in Nigeria
·        Boost the academic drive and subsequently the performance of students
·        Equip Nigerians with the right skill to thrive in Nigeria.
We are unremittingly researching to ensure that we deliver very quality information that would be of high benefit to Nigerians and if possible, the rest of the world.
Here at Nigeria Boom, we believe that information is a significant factor to teach, enlighten, and transform.  We, therefore, aim at providing estimable information that will satisfy the information thirst of various Nigerians and beyond.
Information we publish in Nigeria Boom has been well-research and would be therefore beneficial to inform you or reduce any uncertainty.
Nigeria Boom wishes you an exciting reading as you spend time on this site.
Nigeria Boom is cofounded by Samuel Olufemi and Benjamin Usulor in the year, 2020.

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